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Learn how we have helped companies leverage technology to solve complex business challenges.
Mobile Healthcare App

A web-based solution that provides dedicated medical services, doctor consultation partnering with best hospitals and diagnostic centers. The app also facilitates health checkup booking at

Incident Management App

Cross-platform mobility solutions to record and notifying health facilities about incidents in alarming situations for a US-based customer. This solution caters both online and offline

Blockchain Game Development

Responsive web application that offers complete online Gaming Solution through DApps & allow playing games through exchange of crypto currency.

Indoor Positioning App

This app guides user to navigate from their current location to a destined point of interest inside available premises.

Inventory Management and Logistics App

A high level and detailed designed scalable, secure and performance-oriented architecture presented for providing automated packaging, Inventory Management and Logistics for warehouses.

Crypto Currency Trading Social Platform

A responsive Web based application, developed as a secure, scalable, high performing social platform to buy, sell & exchange crypto currency.

Community Care – Communication App

Native iOS/Android app integrated with existing React Native app. The app is to delivered one to one and group – video calling and chat solution

Online News App

In discussion with the customer, it was required to implement a cross platform mobile application that can allow readers to read articles for a news.

Volunteer Management App

This app is developed for a rapid response from volunteers who help people in emergency situations caused by natural disasters and man induced disasters.

Community Care App

Doctors can advise treatment plan and medication while nursing staff/caregivers can apply the desired therapy on elderly/disabled patients at their homes as directed by doctors.


Managing scheduled meetings, follow ups and communications with leads/inquiries through latest technology hybrid mobile application. Now it is easy for updating real time communication results

Hospital Communication App

This mobile app for medical alert system used by caregivers and senior living members in elderly assisted hospitals. It allows elderly care patients to maintain

Health Fitness app Leveraging IoT capabilties

Nothing could be better than when your own wearable provide health related vitals about you without interrupting your daily routines. You can view this data

Online ICO Marketplace for crowd funding

In continued fashion of successfully delivering Blockchain projects for D-Apps in Gaming and Cryptocurrency Exchange, this time we have delivered Initial Coin Offering web and

e-Learning/Online Teaching Platform Marketplace

Making a career requires thoughtful direction than choosing a career. This online teaching responsive web platform connects high school students to expert teachers who not

Patient Surveys to Improve Hospital Facilities

A convenient mode for patients to provide online surveys about hospital amenities, care and staff using mobile app, When they are admitted and under treatment

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