React is a JavaScript library that Facebook developed to build user interfaces for web applications. Launched in 2013, the library is considered one of the top frameworks for modern Web Development. It’s typically used to create single-page apps, and there are also some performance benefits from using React.

Along with Node.js, React JS was the most popular Technology in 2016. Technological giants such as Facebook, Netflix and Instagram have adopted React JS in their apps.

Why do Companies Love ReactJS?

Some of the MFPs have adopted this framework to develop a single-page app with a UI that can be easily updated without reloading an entire page because ReactJS renders the changes only to the modified elements.

What is React Component?

React components can be defined as custom HTML tags that extend React’s base component class. Once a component has been created, it can be used in your app any number of times with different properties and behaviours every time. This way, it will be easier to build a large app with reusable chunks of code.

This way, you can think of React components as being sort of “Lego Blocks” from which you can build new features. These custom built-in blocks can then be reused across any project. Unlike Custom Elements, React Components are self-contained and don’t have any HTML specification – just a render() method.

What is JSX?

JSX (JavaScript XML) is an extension to ECMA Script, which allows you to use HTML like syntax in your JavaScript files. Using JSX will help you save time as it’s more concise and easier to manage all of those hard-to-read JavaScript expressions.

JSX is XML syntax but with some minor differences. But in JSX, you can use a JavaScript expression to return a value. To use JSX in React, you have to add a particular comment at the beginning of your file, enclosing the code inside it.

Why is It Better Than Usual JavaScript?

Using JSX can have some benefits because you don’t have to use JavaScript object notation everywhere. When using this approach, you can improve your code readability. It’s also possible that this writing style will be adopted by the ECMAScript standard in the future, making your code even more concise.

How Can It Be Helpful in Web Development?

React can be helpful in web development because it allows you to create reusable components quickly, and it uses a modern approach to using JavaScript. Today we have dozens of implementations and standards for writing code: OOP, jQuery, AngularJS and many more. But the thing is that these standards were created years ago. React tries to use traditional programming language concepts to develop user interfaces.

The growing popularity of React is due to its strong technical capabilities and the fact that Facebook supports it. It also has a big community that creates new ways for using React components to simplify work with different tools, platforms, databases etc.

What are the Critical Features of React?

Some of React’s features are:

The architecture of data flow in ReactJS is known as unidirectional data flow. The benefit of this approach is that it makes debugging easier due to the single direction of data flow. If you make a mistake in your code, it will be easier to track where you missed something.

The Essential Benefits of React Native:

A Virtual DOM is a JavaScript object that represents an HTML element in the browser. The server returns this object and React it to the real DOM and finds only the differences to update them, making your app work faster.

How can ReactJS be used in web design?

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