Hospital Information Management System

A Hospital Information Management System is a software application that facilitates the management of patient data effectively. In hospitals, patient-related information can be collected from different sources, including inpatient and outpatient medical records, laboratory results, pharmacy records, radiology reports, etc.

The system provides extensive utilization of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), providing an overview of the current status of medical equipment, inventory levels and minimizing theft.

In addition, the system offers statistical reports on the use of medical equipment and indicators of staff performance (productivity) nurses (number of patients served by the nurse).

Health information exchanges (HIEs)

Hospitals that participate in a health information exchange share data with other healthcare providers involved in a patient’s care. An HIE provides a secure web-based platform for authorized users to send, receive and aggregate data from multiple sources. The faster and easier access to patient information improves the quality of diagnoses, treatments and other services, which leads to improved outcomes for patients.

In the past, hospitals were not connected, and information could not be shared electronically. For example, a patient with congestive heart failure may see several different physicians in an emergency department before being admitted to the hospital. Each physician would create their chart for the patient, which included all the information specific to that doctor’s visit.

Upon admission, the admitting physician would have to reconcile all the different charts, which can be difficult and time-consuming. Once this information is shared through an HIE Healthcare app development, each hospital that provides care for the patient has access to a single chart with a complete timeline of events.

In contrast, an HIE is a health information system that builds on top of an existing HIMS. It allows simultaneous access by multiple authorized users, regardless of location and through a network infrastructure consisting of high-speed connections. This allows authorized users to review and exchange clinical information electronically.

Why should one opt for a Hospital Information Management System? 

A patient’s health condition changes every minute, and all clients require care regardless of their location. Now easy access to patients’ data has become very easy using HIMS; all medical staff members have the correct information, which is the most crucial factor for providing quality patient care.

It is the best way to make communication between doctors, nurses, administrative staff and other medical professionals at the same time through cloud technology and the fact that patients need to be attended to whether they are at home, in a private clinic or a hospital.

  • The hospital Information Management System helps hospitals with different wings like outpatient, inpatient departments to record patients’ information in a standardized fashion.
  • Located at the backend, administrators can access the system and control it from one single location, which is very important for “connecting doctors, hospitals and patients.”
  • The hospital Information Management System facilitates communication between doctors, nurses, hospital administration staff and other medical professionals at the same time.
  • The hospital Information Management System also reduces paper wastages and makes all processes digital to maintain a record of all patients with ease.

How does it work?

The HIMS system enables hospitals to manage patient care better. It is connected to the EMR or EHR systems that store data on a patient’s condition. Electronic information about the patient is accessible to authorized users at different times, improving communication among healthcare team members and reducing errors when they share information about patients electronically.

HIMS systems enable more efficient storage of clinical documentation records by eliminating duplicate documents and offer an opportunity for big data analytics, which can identify potential cost savings by reducing hospital readmissions. Lastly, it reduces manual work for staff members involved with the day-to-day management of patient records.

The leading cloud-based HIS solution helps you manage critical areas of your hospital easily by giving access to real-time statistical analytics tools that display the department’s performance at a -glance.

Developing a HIS System is essential when your organization reaches beyond 100 beds or so. It helps you manage patient records, financials, inventory & purchases, human resources etc., in an efficient manner.

When choosing a HIMS for your organization, you need to consider particular factors such as: 

  • Support for multiple languages and currencies so that it can be expanded globally.
  • Network connectivity and compatibility with existing software programs of your company.
  • Ability to integrate with other programs and systems of the organization.
  • User-friendly software, which can be adopted quickly by new users.
  • Ease of backup and restoration for the entire plan.

Depending on these factors, you need to choose a HIMS supplier who can provide the right solution for your company’s needs. You also need to be aware of scams and fraudulent activities in this field, so it is advised to review the credentials of a HIMS supplier before hiring them.

The leading cloud-based HIS solution helps you manage critical areas of your hospital easily by giving access to real-time statistical analytics tools that display the department’s performance at a -glance.

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