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Golang is a statically typed, compiled programming language created at Google in 2009 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. It’s designed for fast compilation, efficient execution, and ease of construction of large software projects. Golang has become increasingly popular for web development over the past few years due to its concurrency features and growing library of third-party packages.

Here are some reasons why you might want to use Golang:

  • It’s easy to learn. Golang has a simple, straightforward syntax that is easy to learn even for beginners.
  • It’s powerful. Golang is a versatile language that can be used for a variety of purposes such as web development, system administration, and network programming.
  • It’s fast. Golang programs compile to machine code, which makes them fast and efficient.
  • It’s supported by Google. Golang is developed by Google and enjoys strong support from the company.
  • It’s open source. Golang is released under the GNU General Public Licence, making it free for anyone to use and modify.

Golang offers several advantages for website development:

  1. Speed and Efficiency

Golang code is statically typed, meaning that the compiler can catch errors during compilation rather than at runtime. This results in faster code execution and fewer bugs. Golang also features a garbage collector, which automatically reclaims memory when no longer needed, ensuring that your website runs smoothly even under heavy load.

  1. Concurrency Support

Golang was designed with concurrent programming in mind. This makes it well-suited for developing websites that need to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Golang’s goroutines allow you to create and run multiple threads of execution in a single process, while its channels provide a way for different goroutines to communicate with each other.

  1. Robust Standard Library

The Golang standard library is robust and well-tested, making it a good choice for developing production-ready websites. It includes features such as HTTP client and server libraries, templating support, and database drivers for most popular databases. Golang’s rich library with multiple features makes it the perfect language for enterprise application development and other development tasks.

  1. Scalability

Golang is a compiled language, meaning that the code can be run on a wide variety of hardware platforms. This makes it well-suited for developing websites that need to scale up or down as demand changes. Golang also has a small memory footprint, making it a good choice for websites that need to run on low-end hardware.

  1. Growing Community

The Golang community is active and growing, with lots of helpful resources available online. If you run into any problems while developing your website, there’s a good chance someone has already faced and solved the same issue.

  1. Cross-Platform Compatibility: 

Golang code can be compiled to run on most major platforms, including Linux, Mac, Windows, FreeBSD, and Android. This makes it easy to share code between development teams or to deploy software to different environments.

  1. Golang is easy to learn.

Compared to some other popular programming languages, Golang is relatively easy to learn. This makes it a good choice for organisations with limited programming resources. With a relatively short learning curve, organisations can quickly get up to speed on how to use Golang for website development projects. Apart from ease and simplicity, Golang provides stability, a major requirement for high-performing enterprise applications. For instance, a lot of errors are caught during the compile time itself. Unused variables are treated as errors during compilation.

In conclusion, 

Golang is an excellent choice for modern website development. It offers speed, concurrency, and cross-platform compatibility while also maintaining a high degree of reliability and developer productivity. If you’re looking for a language that can scale with your business, Golang is worth considering.

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